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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)

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tumblr:the only place you get excited when a stranger follows you
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this movie is so fucking creepy jesus fuck

You should have read the book. Way more creepy!

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can i have a relationship where some nights it’s rough sex and then other nights we stay up and just talk and others we just cuddle and mess around with each other or play games together pls and ty

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26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

This needs more notes.

no one seems to care if they are guys 

reminder that rape and sexual abuse happens to everyone, not just girls

I think the disturbing part is how very similar the threats are.

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"Wouldn’t we be quite the pair?—you with your bad heart, me with my bad head. Together, though, we might have something worthwhile."
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Santana just earned herself a time out👆🙀🙈🙉🙊


Santana just earned herself a time out👆🙀🙈🙉🙊

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